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Accountability and flexibility are hallmarks of Gwinnett County Public Schools' success. Key to that success is ensuring that each school community understands the progress being made by its schools, as well as what plans will drive improvement. Each school creates a collaborative Local School Plan for Improvement (LSPI) to increase student achievement results, with targeted goals based on the four strategic priorities within the district’s Blueprint for the Future: Empathy, Equity, Effectiveness, and Excellence. All schools across the district will focus on goals 2A- Multi-tiered Systems of Support and 2B- Opportunity and Access. Additionally, schools are required to select one goal from each of the other strategic priorities. LSPI goals are dynamic, like our schools, and are updated to reflect changes that occur in schools. Multiple data points are used to determine areas needing improvement and to identify specific, measurable, annual objectives. Schools then determine how to use research-based strategies to achieve these goals, using flexibility as needed. The LSPI development process involves teachers, parents, students, and community members, so the entire school community has the opportunity to be involved in conversations about school improvement.


2023 - 2024 Local School Plan for Improvement (LSPI)

School: PUCKETTS MILL ELEMENTARY           Principal: Lisa Rhodes

District Strategic Priorities/Goals Rationale Action Steps
(Implementation Design)
How will you measure growth?
Growth Factors (Baseline & Targets)
Empathy 1.B - Staff and Student Well Being

Puckett's Mill will to work to promote staff and student well being with continued efforts to build an intentional, well-established social and emotional learning program.  

  1. Implementation of PBIS
  2. Daily Hawk Time for intervention including both remediation as well as enrichment
  3. Health Special with SEL lessons
  4. Partner with KidsHope USA to provide mentors for students
  5. Safety Plan process
  6. Restorative Practices training and implementation for all staff
  7. Small group and individual check-ins with counselors through MTSS process
  8. Frequent and intentional student and staff recognition
  9. New teacher mentoring program
  10. Work with Stan Tucker to promote his Kindness Curriculum
  11. Utilize the sensory rooms and behavior recovery room to provide students with restorative practice opportunities
  12. Mid-Year How’s It Going Conferences to talk about each and every student 

ESS Survey data for students, staff and families:


In this school, there is at least one adult who knows and cares about me.

2023 Data: 82% positive responses

2023-2024 Goal:  83% positive responses


I enjoy coming to this school.

2023 Data:  49% positive responses

2023 -2024 Goal:  52% positive responses


In school, I feel that I belong to a group of friends.

2023 Data:  59% positive responses

2023-2024 Goal:  61% positive responses



Staff at all levels are treated fairly here.

2023 Data:  79% positive responses

2023-2024 Goal:  81% positive responses


I understand instructional strategies to support social emotional learning objectives.

2023 Data: 88% positive responses

2023-2024 Goal:  89% positive responses


Equity 2.A - Multi-tiered System of Supports

Puckett’s Mill will utilize a variety of data sources to design specific supports incorporating academic press and supportive community that will increase opportunities for student success.


  1. Utilize iReady Universal Screeners in LA and Math to identify academic concerns and expedite support
  2. Utilize data from ESS survey 
  3. 45 minute intervention time (Hawk Time) block will be built into student schedules
  4. Implementation of PBIS Framework strategies and interventions to support all students
  5. BIC (Building Instructional Capacity)will meet quarterly (during DLD’s) to review student data 
  6. MTSS team with classroom teachers, support staff and administration will create support plans designed with specific action steps to support students with academic, behavior, social emotional or attendance needs.   
  7. GCPS sponsored tutoring - 27 seats to support students needs

Georgia Milestones Spring 2023 Scores:

ELA - % Beginning

Math - % Beginning


ESS Survey:


My teacher(s) provide lessons and activities that challenge me to learn.

2023 Data: 59% positive responses

2023-2024 Goal:  62% positive responses

Equity 2.B - Opportunity and Access

Puckett’s Mill will work to increase academic and social emotional opportunities for students.  Each and every student will be engaged in high quality, rigorous and culturally relevant curriculum and enrichment activities.  


  1. Expand Play 2 Learn to two class options for families with children birth to 5 years old
  2. Offer Advanced Content Math in grades 3 - 5 and Language Arts focused Thinking Skill in grades 3 - 5.  
  3. PBL/STEM projects in every grade level
  4. Chromebooks available for every student to take home when needed
  5. Utilize Universal Screeners to identify potential gifted students
  6. Offer high quality, culturally relevant curriculum to all students through EL Education and Reveal Math (grades 3 - 5)
  7. Offer a variety of enrichment clubs:  Robotics, Chess, Art, Student council, BETA, Musicals, Yearbook, Readers Rally, Safety Patrol, Good News Club

Gifted Data

Goal:  Reduce the disparity of historically underserved populations receiving gifted services.

ESS Survey Data


All students have access to rigorous courses and supports.

2023 Data: 34%

2023-2024 Goal: 38% 


Student placement in advanced classes is not influenced by race, gender or socioeconomic levels.

2023 Data: 85%

2023-2024 Goal: 86%


My teacher helps me learn by challenging me with interesting activities in class.

2023 Data:  49%

2022-2023 Goal: 52%


Play to Learn

Goal:  To grow and/or maintain enrollment in Play to Learn

 May 2023 
1 section - end of year - 16 students
August 2023
Section 1 - 19 students
Section 2 - 6 students
December 2023 
Section 1 - 19 students
Section 2 - 10 students
Effectiveness 3.A - Results-Based Evaluation System

The teachers at Puckett’s Mill will engage in the Results-Based Evaluation System to determine standards for school improvement and student growth.  


  1. Implementation of MTSS
  2. BIC (Building Instructional Capacity)will meet quarterly (during DLD’s) to review student data
  3. Ensure that 100% of K - 5 gen ed teachers have completed the Orton Gillingham Multi-Sensory Course
  4. Utilize learning walks as an opportunity for teachers to learn from peers and support equity with flexibility during implementation of EL Education
  5. Utilize Collaborative Learning Teams (CLT) to focus on data driven instruction, common understanding of the standards, and reduce variability across the grade levels 
  6. Provide 2 half-day planning opportunities for teachers to engage in collaborative planning for EL Education and/or Reveal Math including whole group and targeted small group instruction

Georgia Milestones - Spring 2023

ELA % Proficient and Distinguished


Math % Proficient and Distinguished

ESS Survey


Instruction is personalized to meet the needs of each student. 

2023 Data: 85%

2023-2024 Goal: 86%


I believe that all students can meet state standards:

2023 Data:  88%

2023-2024 Goal: 89%

Excellence 4.A - Preferred Education Destination

Puckett’s Mill Elementary will strive to be the first choice for students, families and staff.

  1. Implement the theme “Building a Bridge” throughout the Puckett’s Mill community
  2. Implement Parent Square as a upgraded communication application allowing for two way communication
  3. Active PTA collaboration with the school
    1. Worked to increase parent volunteers by pairing a “veteran” volunteer with someone new to Puckett’s Mill/Volunteering
    2. Dads on Duty
    3. Many family and community events
  4. Utilize Local School Council as a means to increase community input and involvment along with an understanding of the Blueprint For The Future

  5. Create a Family Survey campaign to encourage families to provide input through the EES Family Survey.  Bar codes will be created for car rider parents as they wait as well as a school wide participation goal with incentives to reach specific milestones.  
  6. Implement safety protocols utilizing the Raptor and vestibule for parent visitation and student check-out 

  7. Invite in parents and community members to see PBL and STEM in action

EES Survey:


My student enjoys going to this school. 

2023 Data: 78%

2023-2024 Goal: 80%


Parents/families have input into plans for improving this school. 

2023 Data: 65%

2023-2024 Goal: 68%


Student success is celebrated at this school.

2023 Data: 52%

2023-2024 Goal: 55%