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Accountability and flexibility are hallmarks of Gwinnett County Public Schools' success. Key to that success is ensuring that each school community understands the progress being made by its schools, as well as what plans will drive improvement. Each school creates a collaborative Local School Plan for Improvement (LSPI) to increase student achievement results, with targeted goals based on the four strategic priorities within the district’s Blueprint for the Future: Empathy, Equity, Effectiveness, and Excellence. All schools across the district will focus on goals 2A- Multi-tiered Systems of Support and 2B- Opportunity and Access. Additionally, schools are required to select one goal from each of the other strategic priorities. LSPI goals are dynamic, like our schools, and are updated to reflect changes that occur in schools. Multiple data points are used to determine areas needing improvement and to identify specific, measurable, annual objectives. Schools then determine how to use research-based strategies to achieve these goals, using flexibility as needed. The LSPI development process involves teachers, parents, students, and community members, so the entire school community has the opportunity to be involved in conversations about school improvement.


2023 - 2024 Local School Plan for Improvement (LSPI)

School: MILL CREEK HIGH SCHOOL           Principal: Jason Lane

District Strategic Priorities/Goals Rationale Action Steps
(Implementation Design)
How will you measure growth?
Growth Factors (Baseline & Targets)
Empathy 1.B - Staff and Student Well Being

Mill Creek High  is working to build an atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning through the implementation of Social Emotional Learning and Restorative Practices, with an emphasis on student and staff well-being, self-care, and physical and mental health.



  1. Increased SEL Advisement sessions

    1. advisement to focus more on self-care and topics of interest to students

  2. Restorative Practice Opportunities

  3. “Check In Check Out” with identified students as 

    1. part of Multi-Tiered System of Supports

    2. Mill Creek employees will work to get to know students both inside and outside of the classroom.

    3. create incentive to reward students with flex lunch time (extended lunches)

    4. Increase recognitions with PBIS


    1. Prioritizing Adult Social Emotional Learning through school-based professional development

    2. Regular wellness activities hosted by the Counseling Department and Administrators

    3. Appreciation Activities (treasure train, ice cream socials, etc)

    4. create time and space for teachers and staff to relax and build comradery

    5. weekly staff self-care tips/lessons to promote positivity and stress relief


EES survey data for Staff:

  • Our district has a social emotional framework.

    • 2023 % - 74%

    • 2024 target - 78%



  • I receive training or instruction to support SEL.

    • 2023 % - 64%

    • 2024 target - 68%


  • My principal/administrator cares about me as a person.

    • 2023 % -91%

    • 2024 target - 92%


  • Staff at all levels are treated fairly here.

    • 2023 % -  86%

    • 2024 target - 88%


  • Increase PBIS Level:

    • Baseline: Operational

2024 Target: Operational

Equity 2.A - Multi-tiered System of Supports

Mill Creek HS and all of GCPS will use both observational, anecdotal, and performance data to ensure that every student demonstrates critical thinking skills and has a clear path to content mastery.


  1. Universal Screeners in LA and Math given to all 9th graders in the fall and those scoring in the 25th percentile will test again in the winter of the 9th grade year.  Also some 10th grade students scoring under the percentile rank, may be tested in the fall of their 10th grade year as well.

  2. Targeted Tier 1, 2, and 3 interventions developed by the MTSS Team based on screener data

  3. Dedicated 25 minute block for intervention built into the lunch period as needed

  4. PBIS Coach/team members available to provide interventions, feedback, or conduct restorative small groups

  5. Counselor Lessons/Small Groups based on Wellness Screeners

  6. School-level focus on Small Group Differentiated Instruction (SGDI)

  7. Create action steps and best practice sheets for teachers


Graduation Rate-

2023 projected graduation rate 93.5%

2024 target Graduation rate - 94%


Milestone Data: SY 2023 results

  • 2023 % Developing and above

    • Biology - 88%

    • Algebra - 78%

    • USH - 90%

    • 11th LA - 91%

  • 2024 Targets:

    • Biology - 89%

    • Algebra - 80%

    • USH - 91%

    • 11th LA - 92%



Equity 2.B - Opportunity and Access

Mill Creek HS and all of GCPS will expand student opportunities to engage in and have access to high quality, rigorous, and culturally relevant curriculum and enrichment activities.


  1. work on incorporating more STEM/STEAM into classrooms

  2. increase communication on opportunities available to students (Dual Enrollment, Maxwell/Grayson, AP courses, etc.)

  3. provide more information on career tech education and benefits

  4. expand CTE offerings and enrollment in courses 

    1. increase awareness of current offerings
    2. encourage teachers to recruit their classes like all other electives do
  5. Give SAT during the school day

  6. offer new curricula developed by the State and GCPS for culturally relevant courses for students
    1. examples are the new Social Studies classes African American Studies, American Indian Studies, and Asian-American and Pacific Islander Studies.


EES survey data

Student data

  • Work I do in this school is useful and interesting to me.

    • 2023 % - 47%

    • 2024 target - 50%



  • What we do in school will help me succeed in life.

    • 2023 % - 57%

    • 2024 target - 60%



Effectiveness 3.A - Results-Based Evaluation System

Mill Creek HS will utilize the redesigned Results-Based Evaluation System composed of inputs, behaviors, and outcomes that determine the standards for student success.


  1. assessment protocol, work sample protocols, data review/talks, AKS analysis, LA pilot, explicit modeling for teachers of Math/ ELA strategies

  2. increase the number of staff with co-teacher training to provide additional supports and resources for Tier 1 instruction.

  3. Collaborative Learning Team (CLTs) to include teaching endorsements, gifted, ESOL, STEM, etc.

  4. Learning walks with department chairs

  5. Hawk flyovers program where teachers open their classroom to other teachers to model specific instructional strategies targeted by the school for staff development purposes.

  6. Continue to shift philosophy into mastery learning with supports.

  7. Meetings to discuss and review RBES goals and monitor progress.


EES staff survey data:

  • Peer observation/coaching and feedback is a tool we use to improve instruction.

    • 2023 % - 65%

    • 2024 target - 70%


  • Feedback from classroom observations leads to meaningful change in instructional practice.

    • 2023 % - 69%

    • 2024 target - 73%


  • Our teachers engage in professional development activities to learn and apply new skills and strategies.

    • 2023 % - 83%

    • 2024 target - 85%


  • 2023 Milestones Data - % Proficient and Distinguished
    • Biology - 71%                          
    • Algebra - 44%
    • US History - 64%
    • 11th LA - 63%
  • 2024 Milestone Targets - % proficient & Distinguished
    • Biology - 75%
    • Algebra - 48%
    • US History -  68%
    • 11thLA - 67%


Excellence 4.A - Preferred Education Destination

Mill Creek HS strives to be the first choice of students and families for excellent schools and the employer of choice for educators and staff to fulfill their careers.


  1. Continue to include staff and students into decision-making processes for local school decisions.

  2.  increase the visibility and promotion of school activities inside and outside of the school.

  3. ACT/SAT prep opportunities and support for students.

  4. build better consistency among staff with expectations, referrals, etc.

  5. increase administrator visibility and interactions with students and staff (non-discipline and non-evaluative)

  6. Create more incentives and rewards to recognize our students and staff

  7. provide more support for SEL training and implementation

  8. Increase visibility and awareness of PTA, Foundation, and other support organizations

  9. Local School Council - comprised of parents, teachers, and principal

  10. Club/Athletic Fair for students and parents.

  11. Weekly teacher collaboration through Collaborative Learning Teams

  12. Strong communication practices between teachers and parents


EES Survey: Family Satisfaction

Student survey data:

  • I enjoy coming to this school.

    • 2023 % - 47%

    • 2024 target -


  • I feel proud of my school.

    • 2023 % - 64%

    • 2024 target -


Staff retention rate Data:

  • Due to the Seckinger HS split, we will use the 2022-2023 as  baseline for future years.

Family survey results:

  • I am informed about progress toward the improvement goals of this school. 

    • 2023 % - 60%

    • 2024 target -


  • Parents have input into plans for improving this school. 

    • 2023 % - 53%

    • 2024 target -


  • My student enjoys going to this school.

    • 2023 % - 63%

    • 2024 target -