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Accountability and flexibility are hallmarks of Gwinnett County Public Schools' success. Key to that success is ensuring that each school community understands the progress being made by its schools, as well as what plans will drive improvement. Each school creates a collaborative Local School Plan for Improvement (LSPI) to increase student achievement results, with targeted goals based on the four strategic priorities within the district’s Blueprint for the Future: Empathy, Equity, Effectiveness, and Excellence. All schools across the district will focus on goals 2A- Multi-tiered Systems of Support and 2B- Opportunity and Access. Additionally, schools are required to select one goal from each of the other strategic priorities. LSPI goals are dynamic, like our schools, and are updated to reflect changes that occur in schools. Multiple data points are used to determine areas needing improvement and to identify specific, measurable, annual objectives. Schools then determine how to use research-based strategies to achieve these goals, using flexibility as needed. The LSPI development process involves teachers, parents, students, and community members, so the entire school community has the opportunity to be involved in conversations about school improvement.


2023 - 2024 Local School Plan for Improvement (LSPI)

School: MCCLURE HEALTH SCIENCE HIGH           Principal: Nicole Mosley

District Strategic Priorities/Goals Rationale Action Steps
(Implementation Design)
How will you measure growth?
Growth Factors (Baseline & Targets)
Empathy 1.B - Staff and Student Well Being

McClure Health Science High School will promote student and staff well-being through prioritizing self-care, physical and mental health, and social-emotional learning.

Incorporating Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

1. We educate both staff and students on behavioral expectations to ensure a learning that is positive, engaging and effective.

2. We leverage positive interventions, pop-up celebrations, and the PBIS Matrix as a motivational tool to encourage desirable conduct. 

3. We have established structures to ensure that all staff will receive on-going training on restorative practices. 

4. We conduct monthly analyses of both minor and major discipline incidents to continually improve our disciplinary practices

5. We incorporate clear social learning intentions into daily instruction.

Advisory Program

1. We integrate social-emotional learning lessons, PBIS, No Place for Hate and restorative practices as fundamental elements into our advisement program. 

2. We have established structures that provide students with an opportunity to connect and engage with a trusted adult on a weekly basis. 



Staff Wellbeing - EES Staff Survey Item When there is a problem in my school, we talk about how to solve it. 

GCPS HS Baseline = 60% Positive Responses

SY2023 Baseline =73% Positive Responses

SY2024 Target =76% Positive Responses

Student Wellbeing- ESS Student Survey Item I enjoy coming to this school. 

GCPS HS Baseline = 45% Positive Responses

SY2023 Baseline =50% Positive Responses

SY2024 Target =53% Positive Responses

Student Wellbeing- ESS Student Survey Item I feel proud of my school. 

GCPS HS Baseline = 46% Positive Responses

SY2023 Baseline =62% Positive Responses

SY2024 Target =65% Positive Responses

Student Wellbeing- ESS Student Survey Item Most students are respectful of others at this school.

GCPS HS Baseline = 36% Positive Responses

SY2023 Baseline =51% Positive Responses

SY2024 Target =54% Positive Responses

Student Wellbeing- ESS Family Survey Participation Participation

GCPS HS Baseline = 11% Responses

SY2023 Baseline =5% Responses

SY2024 Target = 8% Responses

Equity 2.A - Multi-tiered System of Supports

McClure Health Science High School will implement a comprehensive framework to fully operationalize a multi-tiered systems of support to students to address academic and non-academic needs. 

  1. We will offer high-quality Tier 1 instruction for all students, including targeted small groups, grade-level curriculum, ongoing formative assessments, and progress monitoring. 
  2. We will increase opportunities for small group, targeted instruction which supports the effective implementation of the MTSS process and/or provide additional intervention and supports to students. 
  3. We have established structures for enhancing student learning and school improvement through collaborative learning teams.  
  4. We guarantee a classroom framework that includes clear daily learning intentions, social learning intentions, and success criteria.
  5. We will continue to remain focused and refine the three key initiatives: Engaging Bell to Bell Instruction, Effective Collaboration, and Essential Safety Nets. 
  6. We will participate in Wonder Walks (peer observations) utilizing feedback protocols.
  7. Parent Outreach Liaison will be a bridge between teachers and families. 
  8. We will continue to host and expand family workshops to support the whole child.

SY2023 Baseline=Installing/Training

SY2024 Target=Continue Training in the Installation phase

Monitoring Teaching & Learning-EES Staff Survey Item Instruction is personalized to meet the needs of each student.  

GCPS HS Baseline=56% Positive Responses

SY2023 Baseline= 69% Positive Responses

SY2024 Baseline=72% Positive Responses

Monitoring Teaching & Learning-EES Staff Survey Item Struggling students receive early intervention and remediation to acquire skills.  

GCPS HS Baseline=61% Positive Responses

SY2023 Baseline= 71% Positive Responses

SY2024 Baseline= 74% Positive Responses

Equity 2.B - Opportunity and Access

McClure Health Science High School will expand student opportunities to engage in and have access to high quality, rigorous, and culturally relevant curriculum, advanced course work, and enrichment activities. 

  1. We will continue training all staff to be effective in restorative practices. 
  2. We will continue to implement our PBIS school-wide plan. 
  3. We will continue to offer timely professional development for best practices in classroom management.
  4. We will continue to identify and expand our gifted and Advanced Placement Program. 


Gifted Data

SY2023 Baseline:  21%

SY2024 Target:  23%

Discipline Data

SY2022 Baseline: Black ISS--19.4%

                             Asian ISS--7.1%

                             Hispanic ISS--16.4%

                             Multiracial ISS--15.4%

SY2023 Baseline: Black ISS--8.2%

                             Asian ISS--2.8%

                             Hispanic ISS--5.4%

                              Multiracial ISS--5.6%

SY2024 Target:  Black ISS--6.2%

                          Asian ISS--2.5%

                          Hispanic ISS--5.0%

                          Multiracial ISS--5.3%


Effectiveness 3.A - Results-Based Evaluation System

McClure Health Science High School's effectiveness is fundamentally linked to student success.  By aligning inputs, behaviors, and outcomes with the RBES, we can provide each and every student an improved student experience. 

1. We provide opportunities for teachers to observe and discuss each other's practices through Wonder Walks (peer observations), feedback, and coaching.

2. We support collaborative learning teams by utilizing a school-wide collaborative learning teams agenda that includes:

  • What do we want our students to learn?
  • How will we teach it?
  • How will we know when our students have learned?
  • How will we respond when students learn? How will we respond when students don't learn?

3. We will continue our work with RBES to ensure that all faculty goals are aligned with the local school plan for improvement.  

Staff Satisfaction-EES Staff Survey Item Peer observation/coaching and feedback is a tool we use to improve instruction.

GCPS HS Baseline = 57% Positive Responses

SY2023 Baseline =85% Positive Responses

SY2024 Target = 88% Positive Responses

Excellence 4.B - Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness

McClure Health Science High School will prepare each and every student for post-secondary and workforce readiness so that they have multiple pathways to success based on their demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities. 

  1. Students will have access to a myriad of Advanced Placement Courses to earn college credit. 
  2. Students will have access to Health Science Courses to earn industry-recognized credentials. 
  3. Students will have access to a variety of health science experiences, including on-site, hands-on learning in the clinic setting. 
  4. Students and teachers will utilize flexible seating, lecture halls, and collaborative spaces to prepare students for a post-secondary learning environment.
  5. We will expand our College & Career Fair, FAFSA family events, college workshop family events, and senior scholarship lab experience. 
Student Readiness-EES Student Survey Item Work I do in this school is useful and interesting to me.

GCPS HS Baseline= 37.1% Positive Responses

SY2023 Baseline= 51 % Positive Responses

SY2024 Target= 54% Positive Responses

9th grade on track  

SY2023 Baseline=76% on track

SY2024 Target=79% on track

Students Eligible for the HOPE Scholarship  

SY2023 Baseline=60.68%

SY2024 Target=64%

CTE Pathway Completion  

SY2023 Baseline=57.36%

SY2024 Target=60%

Graduation Rate  

SY2023 Baseline=95.34%

SY2024 Target=98%

Family Engagement/Building Parent Capacity -

We will build our parents' capacity to support their children's academic achievement by implementing the activities identified in The Plan/The Promise.

  • Provide families with instructional strategies and resources during workshops and Parent?Teacher conferences to assist their children with literacy in all content areas and across all grade levels.
  • Host an ELL/Literacy Event & Digital Literacy Event for families to focus on literacy and academic vocabulary acquisition strategies.
  • Demonstrate the use of eCLASS Course Pages, the Parent Portal, and other online academic resources that families may use to support students as they increase their literacy skils. 

SY 22. 23, 62 of our families completed the EES Family Engagement Survey.  Our goal is to increase participation in the survey by 10% = 68 responses.